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Open Letter to Potential Winterhawks Owners

To any prospective owners of the Winterhawks, please read the following before signing on the dotted line.  Portland’s hockey community needs the new ownership to commit to building our hockey infrastructure and pursuing new fans of the team and the sport while engaging with existing fans (from casual to hardcore).

Terpenning Complex Update

A discussion with THPRD about the status of the dual-sheet facility proposed at Terpenning Complex yielded some updates.  With no meaningful progress to report, Portland’s oft-jaded hockey enthusiasts are undoubtedly thinking “here we go again.”  This post won’t make the cynics do an about-face, but it will lay out where we’re at for additional ice sheets.

Oregon Ducks Hockey Has NCAA Aspirations

With ASU’s upstart NCAA team being the talk of college hockey, their fellow PAC-12 schools are taking notice, and some hope to emulate their overnight success.  The University of Oregon’s club team is working diligently to position themselves alongside ASU and other big name schools in NCAA hockey.

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